The earth’s most plentiful and durable stone, finds new and surprising applications in a modern world millions of years after it was formed deep within the earth.

Traditionally used for beautiful memorials, today granite is making its place in homes and businesses as more and more people are discovering the beauty and versatility of this natural product.

Granite can be used to achieve a warm or cool look; it can be rustic or refined, casual or elegant. Because it is one of the hardest materials available, it is also virtually maintenance free.

Inside the home or office it is the medium of choice for kitchen and baths, floors, foyers, furniture and for a host of accent pieces. For example much of the new terminal at Burlington International Airport is composed of granite, including this elegant washroom counter.

Outside, it enhances any setting – be it a birdbath or bench in a quiet garden, a corporate signs in a busy metropolitan area, or a grand stair case in the hills.

Granite Memorials

Families tell us that even though there are many alternatives to traditional burial, creating a memorial is the most important and most positive part of the funeral process.

Monuments provide an extraordinary means of commemorating a loved one.  For those who want to keep the spirit of a life alive, a highly personalized granite memorial is the most enduring medium of all.  Whether choosing burial or cremation, a memorial provides a sense of place.  A granite memorial becomes part of a sacred space where family and friends gather to celebrate the spirit of our lives, for generations to come.

Today, in fact, more and more people are planning ahead – making their memorial wishes known now a buying in advance of need.  This is sure to ease their loved ones’ burden during the difficult weeks and months that will follow their own passing, and to ensure that their memorial will be what they want.

After all, the spirit of our lives is best read in what we choose to leave behind us.  Ceremonies are but a moment in time.  Photos yellow and fade, but a granite memorial is forever.

Granite Colours

There are many different granite colours. Most of these are unsuitable for use as a permanent memorial because of the lack of contrast between the polished and surface and the carved lettering. Simply put, inscription in some granite does not stand out and is difficult to read. This lack of contrast is most apparent in granites that have a coarse grain. In general, a fine and even grain will make for a better memorial.

The purity of our quality granites allows for the best possible polishing which will not fade of discolour with time.

Detailing and Artwork

The vast opportunity for original detailing and the inclusion of artwork is one of the main drawing points in purchasing a monument. Detailing and artwork allow you to personalize the monument appropriately, while giving you a completely unique product. You can also purchase special features like beveling, slopes, trim and textures to further enhance your monument.
Engravings can be added to the stone using modern, relatively inexpensive techniques.

The finish of a monument can render the stone very smooth and polished. Enhanced modern techniques can also give the monument special features such as ceramic photo inlays, bronze accents or flower holders, to create a more personalized tribute to the deceased.